Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first short film, "Karma - This is a Loop"

This is my first short film ever. I want to create a story that able to loop endlessly and my personal life experience which gave me the inspiration of this storyline.

What goes around comes back around, no matter what you did is good or bad, everything will come back after a cycle. In this video, the loop can be endless but I cut it to be repeated only half of the loop which I think is sufficient enough for viewers to understand whats going on and what I'm trying to show.

Also, for this project I wanted to try 3d software and also use after effects on real life footages because I'm really crap on this 2 softwares :)

As for karma, this is just my own personal believe and do not meant start any religious views clash thingy.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kinda late to know this, but R.I.P Jun Seba aka Nujabes

Another sad morning which eventually ruined my whole day. Was talking with my mates about music and I told them how dope Nujabes is. Later Jonny told me that "I thought he just passed away? I saw that on facebook." Looking through the internet and yes, he just passed away. Another great loss for Hip Hop, his music had inspired me so much in the past years. If ya ever watch my videos before, I used lots of Nujabes track for video, his stuff is just too dope. Another greatest regret of my trip in Japan is that I don't get a chance to meet him even though I went to record store in Shibuya. Fated I guess.

Nujabes's music will stay forever,R.I.P

Also, condolence to my crew mate's family members, a brother of different blood, DK. Felt sorry for your loss.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What kind of sound can shoes make? Nike + Hifana

Hifana!! They used to be my most frequently searched musicians on youtube. They got me to buy drumpads but I didnt use the drumpad much except for sound effects during DJing, just too busy and too much stuff I wanna learn.

Anyway, back to this video. Just saw this on my facebook and I was like "aren't them Hifana?".They collaborated with Nike and make music from the shoes. Engineers (I dont think they from Nike) developed some kind of thing that make sounds when the shoes are bent, connect it to Abelton Live (look at the making), pass it to Hifana and wait for miracles to happen!
Hmm.. I just love fresh creative stuff, just watch both videos below :)

***I think this video was only filmed by DSLR, DSLR rules***

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Raven - Fantastic Short Film with only $5000 budget?! Unbelievable

If I have $5000 now, what can I do with it? Travel, new camera lenses, new dj sets and.. all gone. So actually $5000, isn't that much actually. What you about to watch below is going to blow your mind and I'm very sure about it.

This short film, Raven directed by Ricardo de Montreuil is truly amazing. Hollywood style sci fi, Supernatural abilities & Robots with a budget for just $5000?! This is the best short I've seen for a while!

Summary > Chris Black possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him.
The chase is on as Chris runs for his life in this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles.

I would love to see this short becoming a featured film in cinemas like District 9!

THE RAVEN - 720 HD from THE RAVEN FILM on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P Guru, will be remembered forever

I've been a huge fans for Jazzy Hip Hop genre and no one can ever replace Guru period. Today was sad as Erwin from forwarded me the news about Guru's death. He will be remembered forever. R.I.P Guru

some articles about Guru's death;

Monday, April 19, 2010

My first time on Lighting Writing Animation!

I'm always a fan of light writing, I used to post a lot of Lichtfaktor and Pika Pikas' work on my blog. Last night, I tried lighting writing ANIMATION, gosh, it takes tremendous effort for a 6 seconds footage. I did 'FAKE' lighting writing before using After effects which takes a lot of time as well, but the difference is you seating on your comfortable chair while the "photography stop motion light writing animation (which I call the real light writing)" I have to move the equipments, spending time in the cold, animate everything frame by frame. Anyway, I'm not complaining and the outcome is really satisfying!

Actually I did this for my Uni elective units project called "Text".I wanted to use AE and make a similar one to what I did before, but think of it, this is a good chance to get my lazy arse outside the comfort zone and try something new. Not sure how the whole video would look like but I'm sure it's gonna be great!(at least for me).I would update more on how and what did it used for this project soon.

Also, Thanks Myoung for helping me out or else I would have to spend 6 hours for a 6 seconds footage :)

This is my "FAKE" light writing video.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BBoys in Fukuoka, Japan

One month in Fukuoka I've been training with these guys almost everyday. I reached Fukuoka with a really really bad Japanese, but.. we speak bboying. The bboys there were just so friendly compare to other bboys in most Asian countries and they tried to talk to me and all that. Patrick, a German trickster that I met at the language school was amazed how friendly Bboys culture is. BBoying is the best icebreaker is pretty much true, we do get aggressive on the floor but most of us are cool other time.

I filmed this video on the last day before I left Fukuoka, well, not all of them let me film, Japanese people are just shy. Anyhow I was still able to capture some pretty good shots of the bboys. Big respect to Hakata Bboys, and Taichan Roc (Japan old school, 36 still rockin fresh)

and oh, i learnt this japanese greetings "O Tsu Ka Re Sa Ma De su", have to say this everytime I leave. Hard to translate this to English lol

**For the bboys who looking for a training spot in Fukuoka, goto Hakata Station's underground shops from 9pm.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snowboarding, new passion?!

Been living in a country that having a temperature around 32 degree for the whole year, what can be happier for me to enjoy the snow and freezing my ass off? My Japanese bother Masa is a really dope snowboarder, but I haven't seen him showing much skills because he have to wait for me because I'm slow and that was my very first time to do snowboarding. Guess what, after one hour lesson from Masa, I were able to reach the bottom of the hill without landing on my ass which made me really proud and I was like "Im hell talented!".

Anyway, before we went for snowboarding, I was thinking what sort of video I can get from snowboarding? So, I came thru a video by Provo brothers video on Vimeo, got inspired and copy that idea and flip it.. a bit. You can call me a biter(bboy term) if you want, well, just having fun, dont have to be so serious! :)
Enjoy the video!

and.. some words for Masa, thanks a lot bro!!! Love ya!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Warring Fictions.. What kind of impression you have towards Iran?

Few days ago, I've came through a video of Iran bboys from 1991, I totally didn't expect that Iran actually have bboys. I'm just like many people, think that Iran all about destroyed buildings, terrorism and stuff, just like in the movies.... but that footage and this documentary "Warring Fictions" totally changed my view towards Iran. I'm not going to say much on this, watch the trailer and the whole documentary is available on this site

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Relax, watch and listen

I've been wanting to try this in Japan but I failed few times because the owner of Japanese sushi bars just wont allow me to do so. I was inspired by Dennis Wheatley's video in vimeo, which he basicly did the same thing. I found the exact same Sushi bar in Tokyo, but I was rejected by the staff... probably I shouldn't have ask them. Well, I actually gave up to make this video but I passed by a sushi bar in Malaysia and I was thinking why don't I just give it a try?

The result.. lack of some feeling, the Japanese feeling, but I'm still happy with it because I still able make a video on sushi train. :)

As suggested, when you watch this video, try to relax, and then watch and listen.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Finding my purpose

Flying, flying and flying.. Well, some people get sick of it but i started to enjoy it, a lot. I Have been flying for the past few months and now, finally, settle down again, well, not completely, because still got lots of stuff to unpack, Thats the part I don't enjoy the most for travelling, pack and unpack.

Well, now I have some time to Blog, I don't really enjoy blogging you see, I got too many stuff I want to learn, to practise, to see, to experience, whatever it is. I'm just lazy to post something, but why am I still blogging, I dont know lol. To show or market my work? I'm neither professional photographer, videographer, dancer or dj.. still a student, and yep..

I'm final year student, thats why I'm lost, don't know what path I'm going to choose for my future. Just like this blog, this blog don't have much direction as you can see, I like to put lots of crap into this blog (as long as I found interesting). Recall back to two years ago, I dont really know why I started this blog. I think I just think it was 'cool' to have a blog, just like my other hobbies, I did it because I think its cool, and after I get more into them, it's more than just being 'cool'.

So.. I dont know, I still dont know why I blog, I'll keep blogging if possible, show off some work and posting up some craps lol.

Anyway, heres some of the photos i took during my adventure in Japan. There would be more videos coming.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A message to Spammer

Im just wondering did anyone actually click on the link of spammers or they actually bought something from them... successfully? Well, I didnt really hate spammers that much because I got a hotmail account that exclusively for you all spammers, so far i got around 10k unread yet but please send more to my hotmail because im trying to reach 1 million or more someday.
So this is my spammers exclusive email address:
feel free to spam at my hotmail... please.

But please dont spam at this blog, it takes time for me to remove, if I remove it, youll spammers' effort are gone, and not able to reach anyone. So dont spam at my comments which actually made me think
"oh! my blog is getting famous! I got heaps of follower!...... no... just spammers"

So yeh, go on and spam on that email, when it reach one million all the credits will goto youll spammers. thanks for dropping by as well.

oh wait, theres Japanese spammers as well.


Will Emily Marry Him?

Currently was really busy in Japan, going for trips, filming and photography stuff. Finally got some little time to stay at house watching videos, photos and hopefully get inspired from those available video on internet. As you its really difficult to get a chance to travel because you gotta work your ass off to save money and stuff.

Well, came through this video on Vimeo's staff pick, actually I didnt want to post another video so that if anyone of you who read this blog wont think that im a lazy blogger(in fact i am), but this video is the most massive light writing I ever seen so far, and.. its a proposal video, how sweet was that. Must have put a lot of effort on it, but once in a life time definitely worth it I guess. I assume they already got married so wish them happy (lame, because i dont know what wishing stuff I should say to a married couple in English)

anyway, heres the video

Light Writing Proposal from Derick Childress on Vimeo.