Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Skateboarding in Slow Motion 1000fps

Just won't have enough of slomogasm

Friday, June 1, 2012

Levels vs Love Lockdown - Enferno Live Remix

Always love Enferno's work, had been a big fan of him for a long while. Enjoy!
Live Remix using Avicii "Levels", Kanye West's "Love Lockdown", and 2 drum loops in Ableton Live. The rest is played, sampled, and looped live


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Turf "Extreme hip hop contortionist dancer"- America Got Talent Audition

For my whole life, I've been really lucky and I haven't been homeless. I'm personally a underground dancer myself, I know how hard it is and I can feel what this guy been through as a dancer. This is a great story that will definitely inspire others.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just a Dog riding a bike

Even dog can ride it, what can stop you from doing anything you want now?

Drummer vs Street Drummer | Tokyo Speirs drumming with some Buskers

Everything is awesome, except not sure what is he wearing

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to wake up a kid?

Drumming is his soul!

Incredible Young Man | Faith on Humanity Restored?

"Stuck on the road. Who would you help?"
keep watching till the last bit of this video, this is the mentality we need more in our society

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What a great idea for nerds, pure genius

if this is running,  fit nerds will be everywhere

Ariel Atom V8 500bhp, still the best car ever - part 2

Yesterday I got pretty mad traffic on this post I did back in 2008
Ariel Atom 500 - Double Power to weight of Bugatti...

Almost 4 years later, I still love the car and yes, still want to get my face destroyed. However, I'm still not sure why the sudden the traffic on someone searching for it, and I couldn't find any super interesting news about it (yes, I know Google exist)... but whatever, this is the best video of this awesome beast

Top Gear Ariel Atom V8, 500bhp on Top Gear

The Ariel Atom V8 is bonkers. 500bhp in a car that weighs 550kg, giving a power to weight ratio of over 900bhp per ton and 0-60mph in a claimed 2.3sec. According to Ariel boss Simon Saunders, ‘in 10 years time you might not be able to do this sort of thing any more’. We’d go slightly further; it’s hard to believe the Ariel Atom V8 is permitted to exist right now.

Let’s dwell on the statistics for a moment, because they will be this car’s major talking point. The bespoke 3.0-litre flat-plane crank 32-valve V8 is developed in America by Hartley and produces 500bhp and 284lb ft. It’s derived from a pair of Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engines, which explains why peak torque arrives at 7750rpm and power at a scarcely credible 10,600rpm. ‘We haven’t verified the performance yet’, Saunders told us, ‘but with the Veyron laying down performance benchmarks we wanted to put our own line in the sand. If the Atom can get within a few tenths of its claimed figures, it should ease its way into the title of world’s most accelerative production car. The claims are 0-60mph in 2.3secs and 100mph in 5.4secs – quicker than a Veyron.
(source: evo.co.uk)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Real Camera Porn: Leica M9p + Hermes

Leica Collaboration with Hermes, superior quality hand made. Do I have to say more than that? just watch the video, this a real camera porn.    

Monday, May 14, 2012

Instagram Camera? I mean an actual physical camera by....

Almost everybody knows Facebook bought over Instagram for US$ 1billion. Here I found this 'cool' little Instagram Camera Concept...

  The Instagram Socialmatic Camera is the work of designer Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studio, and basically it is a concept for an Instagram camera that will let you take photos and then print them out directly from the camera like a Polaroid, you would also be able to share your photos via Instagram. The designer behind the idea says that the camera would come with a 4.3 inch touchscreen, built in WiFi, 2 lenses, one for capturing standard photos and a second for 3D photos.

it's cool, but Im not sure if people will buy this (I'm not really a polaroid guy), let me know what you think. Talking about instagram.. Hey, follow me @anarki450, I post frequently got some awesome stuff there, drop a comment so I follow you back too :)

DS2DIO - the dance lifestyle dance channel

New dance channel from Jon M chu, the director of G.I Joe Retaliation, Step Up 1 - 3, LXD.. whatever. Just love watching well filmed dance video ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Massive 30,000 Nintendo themed dominoes

Fate of this Blog

updated on the about page, where is this blog heading, why I don't give it up even I got only 20 visitors a day.

"I did not expect any visitors to drop by..
20 visitors a day average is very little for those PRO bloggers, but hey, I really, really, really appreciate every single visitors that drop by. On 2010-2011, I totally stopped blogging and stuff (life gets in the way), and during that period, I did realize my creativity dropped (a lot). After college and start working, I eventually became another "lifeless Zombie" or a "Robot". 

After 2 years, coming back to my this blog, I was stocked, this blog is still getting the same amount of visitor it used to and I never did any blog marketing stuff, all I did was just posting some interesting stuff... and that is what motivate myself coming back to posting.

The comeback, 2012 and beyond
I want to come back to be the fun, creative I used to be and get back my soul (sounds serious, but its reallly pretty serious to me). I want to get back to my root, arrange time to do the stuff I love, bboying, photography, making videos and all that, but for the fate of this blog is going to be a little bit different..

This Blog won't be about me, is about the "Creative Inspirations"
Hey, my English is considerably ok but not excellent, what I'm trying to say is that I will post something that inspire your creativity. If you realize, creativity can be inspiration coming from somewhere else, like your photographer, you can get your inspiration from painting, maybe children or animal. I myself when I have a creativity block, I do get inspirations from something else that I'm currently doing. So what I'm trying to do with this blog here will be 90% of the Creative stuff that I find will Inspire you. If I post too much about myself too much, I got nothing much to post about and I don't want to act like I'm a famous blogger or some sort, and what I can do is getting other Inspiring people helping to inspire you.

Would do my best to update this everyday, Happy Blogging to myself and sincerely thank you for having enough patience to read till this far, You are Awesome and Have a Great day :)"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awesome Live Dubstep performance using Novation Launchpad with Ableton Live

Good inspiration to keep Launchpad away from collecting dust

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just some dope street art

found this on 9gag.com, awesome stuff :)

Young Russian Producer performs Araabmuzik's stuff on a computer Keyboard

Russian Producer "Talent Son" performing Araabmuzik's routine with a computer keyboard. Man, I can't even play Araabmuzik's on my Trigger Finger (Ok, Im sucks and I'm just lazy). Sometimes the sounds he triggered is a bit off with the loop but still.. darn amazing to me.

If you don't know who Araabmuzik is, here is a random live mpc stuff he did. Pretty sure you will be blown away. MVP of the MPC!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

AMB - Live Therapy | Tasty Glitch Hop Performance with APC40 & Maschine

Pretty sweet glitch hop performance by AMB. I especially like the beginning of the video, live drumming is just so cool :)

I had been a fans of Glitch Hop for quite a while, haven't produce anything much yet. Bought an Novation Launchpad long ago, unfortunately it kept collecting dust (don't even know how to fully use it). Now this video is a good motivation.

2012 Back to Posting to Keep Myself Sane

Haven't post much stuff on here for ages. Looking back on this blog kinda remind back when I was Uni. Well.. now, already 2nd year after graduation and this could be the most awkward moment a graduate can face in their life, not sure which job to get but after you got a job you won't be sure if that is right for you and all that stuff.

 Been reading heaps of books (2011 I've actually read more books than my college years. As for this year, fortunately for me I know where I want heading now and chose entrepreneurship. I'm sure will face a lot of challenges with business venture but the most challenging thing is my own mind. However, that is what I'm passionate with and actually having quite a lot of fun with it (lucky me).

Well, enough about that. So, I'm back to posting, probably this could be the place to keep me "sane", to chill and to remind who I was in the beginning. Things I'm going to post might be as random as before, however, definitely better quality and all that. I guess thats enough for now, let's see what's going to happen. Peace!