Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fate of this Blog

updated on the about page, where is this blog heading, why I don't give it up even I got only 20 visitors a day.

"I did not expect any visitors to drop by..
20 visitors a day average is very little for those PRO bloggers, but hey, I really, really, really appreciate every single visitors that drop by. On 2010-2011, I totally stopped blogging and stuff (life gets in the way), and during that period, I did realize my creativity dropped (a lot). After college and start working, I eventually became another "lifeless Zombie" or a "Robot". 

After 2 years, coming back to my this blog, I was stocked, this blog is still getting the same amount of visitor it used to and I never did any blog marketing stuff, all I did was just posting some interesting stuff... and that is what motivate myself coming back to posting.

The comeback, 2012 and beyond
I want to come back to be the fun, creative I used to be and get back my soul (sounds serious, but its reallly pretty serious to me). I want to get back to my root, arrange time to do the stuff I love, bboying, photography, making videos and all that, but for the fate of this blog is going to be a little bit different..

This Blog won't be about me, is about the "Creative Inspirations"
Hey, my English is considerably ok but not excellent, what I'm trying to say is that I will post something that inspire your creativity. If you realize, creativity can be inspiration coming from somewhere else, like your photographer, you can get your inspiration from painting, maybe children or animal. I myself when I have a creativity block, I do get inspirations from something else that I'm currently doing. So what I'm trying to do with this blog here will be 90% of the Creative stuff that I find will Inspire you. If I post too much about myself too much, I got nothing much to post about and I don't want to act like I'm a famous blogger or some sort, and what I can do is getting other Inspiring people helping to inspire you.

Would do my best to update this everyday, Happy Blogging to myself and sincerely thank you for having enough patience to read till this far, You are Awesome and Have a Great day :)"

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