Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hollywood featured film "Hype Nation" featuring the Gamblers

SEOUL -- South Korean dance group the Gambler will star in Paramount's dance movie "Hype Nation," having teamed up with U.S. music producer and rapper Teddy Riley.

In the $25 million picture being produced by Young Film, Riley plays a music director.

Helmed by Alex Calzatti ("I Am Cuba"), pic follows dance battles between the American R&B group B2K and Korean group the Gambler.

Production begins in the U.S. July 15 with some 40% lensing Stateside and 60% to be shot in South Korea.

Young Film prexy Young Lee, a Korean American producer who has previously partnered with American hip-hop artists, is now casting for a Korean female lead.

South Korea's DR Music controls Asian rights for the musical content of the film. Company also expects to partner Paramount in the Korean market, though local investors and distribs were not disclosed. Pic will be released worldwide early 2009.

Riley has produced numerous albums by acts including Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Use Proper English - The 'F' word..

This is a pretty cool video that tells you how to use 'proper english', the 'F' words. I actually show this to my friend who don't swear.. after the video... yes, he still haven't swear yet, maybe soon? but hes quite agree with the video tho because the way the video presented was really logic and make sense.
"Say proudly and loudly! F8ck You!"

Busking In Salamanca Market, Tasmania

Another day busking in Salamanca market with Air Bourne Footprints crew. Not a good weather to busk tho, we 'Dance in the Rain' lol. Also, we couldnt get speakers and stuff, forced to dance at Sean Paul or Chris Brown song.. really lack of feelings. heres some good photos we got yesterday.

Dirty Jensen
Its me! pretty Nice Freeze, pretty whack facial expression lol
.... i dont know the name for this freeze

Monday, April 21, 2008

PikaPika x So-net Project - Light Writing Behind the Scene

PikaPika, they influenced a lot of people in light writing like the Lichtfaktor crew and they actually made me start to light writng.

Compare between Lichtfaktor and PikaPika, you could see that Lichtfaktor's every single pictures are more clean and beautiful, but complexity wise, PikaPika is really much complicated, very high framerate (more pictures) of the stop motions, a lot of light figures. They had 77 participants altogether while Lichfaktor is only 2.

I didnt wanna compare them like they are competitors or something but I wanna tell that both had very different styles I you watch carefully, don't just think that 'Oh, they are just doing light writing', you gotta love both.

goto pikapika's site if you wanna watch more of their videos.

this is the recent video of PikaPika x So-net Project behind the scene

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Targa Tasmania 2008 - Tarmac Rally

Targa Tasmania is a tarmac-based rally event held on the island state of Tasmania, Australia, annually since 1992. The event takes its name from the Targa Florio, a former motoring event held on the island of Sicily. The competition concept is drawn directly from the best features of the Mille Miglia, the Coupe des Alpes and the Tour de Corse.

Heres some photos I took in the Wrest Point car park. Theres one Nissan Skyline GTR35 down for Targa rally, but i missed it. damn


Ralliart & Evo! woohoo XD

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rob-L's medium of choice

Its not long ago I posted Rob-L work here, those beautiful puma clyde customs. I found that in forum, Chillie63 asked Rob-L what he used and.. "Rob uses the following markers/pens : Pantone, Copic, Magic Marker, Letraset Promarker and says the promarker ones are his medium of choice."

yea, this is a short post, just for those who interested.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dress up like a DJ and get into clubs

This is a video of one guy dressed like a DJ and try to get into clubs and avoid the tight securities. What do you think would happen? lol
Its weekend! tonight you could try this to get into clubs. (probably would have 10 DJs outside the club everytime after everyone watch this)

My 51st Post! Young and Dangerous - Edmond

It's been almost 2 month already and this is my 51st post, not going to celebrate like my crap 11th post, I know its too boring. This time I gonna show you my boy Edmond aka bboy Sketch's work. No one could know him better than me, besides his girlfriend, parents, bro and sis, friends, classmates, relatives.. yes, i talk crap again.

Well, this fella won uncountable National and local art competitions, his trophies are way more than my sneakers collection. He did a lot of tees design, mag covers, murals, backdrops, graffiti and stuff by volunteer(a better word to replace 'free').

I guess what I can do just show you this young national champ's work now. oh yea, I forgot to mention hes a dope bboy too.

A mural showing appreciation to his Argentina school and friends.

defying gravity ticket
Defying Gravity Jam ticket - fact: everyone was FORCED to buy this $10 instead of the $5 one because of the design. We saved a lot as only consist of 2 colour on white paper. Fresh, Dope and Economic!

Defying Gravity Flyer - 1500 people attended this jam, the most people attended hip hop jam in Malaysia which was hosted in small little town.

qi wu rgb red jpeg
sample 5 jpeg
trueno bannerjpg

Tell everyone one secret, Edmond went to write graffiti with me for a few times, he got very great piece of graffiti, but hes a coward. LOL

Ok, Big companies gotta watch out for this kid, hes going to do his design studies soon, after that he gonna be mad!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rivers Crew 10th Year Anniversary DVD

Got this DVD a while ago, always forgot to review them when I'm out of post lol, damn. In this DVD, its pretty much like trailer of every bboys in the crew and routines during their Battle of R16 last year (which was a huge international bboy event with massive cash prize). Well, you would actually realise that Rivers are not only Born and Physicx but the other bboys in the crew also super dope. In the middle of each bboy's trailer, there will be shout out from bboys like Kmel, Ness, Luigi just to name a few.

Well, I'm a little disappointed with this DVD was that I thought they will include the Rivers crew 10 year anniversary jam at Doota and some 'behind the scene' video. I wanna see some footage that could not be found in youtube so much, i want the extras! just I'm expecting too much lol

overall was a pretty good DVD, worth the keeping it.

if ya interested you can get it here


DVD trailer

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Banksy's Biggest Work while observed by CCTV - One Nation Under CCTV

The well known graffiti artist Banksy manage to complete his biggest work while being observed by CCTV. The job required the construction of three stories of scaffolding to complete the job and represents one of Banksy's boldest attempts. The work, above a Post Office yard in Newman Street near Oxford Circus, shows a small boy, watched by a security guard, painting the words: ‘One nation under CCTV.’



It's been a while I post something about myself. First reason is no one gonna be interested in reading my stuff (from statistics most of you came to my blog were Americans and I know I dont have American friends.. but very nice to meet you, thanks for visiting and please come back again soon)
Well, theres nothing much I could post about my life as I did same thing almost everyday. sleep,wasting time, msn chating, receive sneaker, youtube, practise dj, bboying, cook... and yea. So should I say my life is interesting or boring? I never make new friends as I always closed myself the room, I think already forgot how to social or even talk.. man, Im a nerd! O.O


Korean Comic is back! i know this post is not entertaining, probably would have korean comics everytime i post craps about myself. This is a good one, enjoy

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sweet Couple did some Popping dance in their wedding

As usual, youtube is my best friend, i just found out this hillarious wedding video. This video got million views already, but if still havent watch it and wanna get a smile on your face(or even laugh), you should probably watch it. I wonder I would do stuff like that in my wedding? I'll train my wife to do Windmills for the wedding? LOL.

DJ Coma - Pioneer DJM 909

DJ Coma of Japan mixing dropping some Drum and Bass with the Pioneer DJM 909 mixer new touch pad features that make it like an MPC. Very dope set with some juggling in the middle. My old Stanton SA5 have to retire soon, I should get a Vestax PMC08 or this Pioneer DJM909? lol

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ariel Atom 500 - Double Power to weight of Bugatti Veyron

Areil Atom is my dream car, but its not easy to get one unless I stay in UK. I love cars that has good acceleration and cornering speed, thats why I still wanna get an Evo last time eventho shes pretty hard to maintain for me as a student. Well, owning a F1 probably is every men's dream or even didnt dream about it because its not possible, and ariel atom is the closest one.


Ariel announced their new Atom 500, powered by a V8 engine that delivers 500 hp. The Atom 500 will have over 1000bhp per tonne (compared to a Bugatti Veyron’s 521bhp/tonne) You couldn't imagine how fast it is, the Atom 3 with supercharged 300 hp had mad acceleration (watch video below). 500hp on that little light weight car?? you imagine that? It was a great car, the speed can loosen your face or even tear your face, but i still wanna own that Atom 3 so hard.. so hard.

this is a video of Ariel Atom 3, after that imagine Atom500

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The most expensive Home Theather - $6 million

I dont know what can i do with $6 million? if i had $1 million right now that probably could last my whole life by just save in the bank for 8% interest lol. ( i get $6666.67 a month lol). Back to the topic, this home theater... hm.. i actually have no idea with home theaters, i only know that he got a ps3 over there (ps3 only worth 0.00017% of that).

Friday, April 11, 2008

typography pop-up book ABC3D by Marion Bataille

Amazing typography pop-up book ABC3D by Marion Bataille. I cant explain more until you watch it as I was wondering how he made that. You can get that book at if you are interested

Lichtfaktor crew - light writing

Lichtfaktor, found this crew some times ago after i started light writing which influenced by pika-pika. With using an exposure of about ten-to-thirty seconds, tripod, glowsticks, flashlights, reflectors, and even torches use to create the light writings. What Lichtfaktor did is the cleanest light writing for what i have seen so far, amazing work.

check out their
stop motion video at:-