Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rivers Crew 10th Year Anniversary DVD

Got this DVD a while ago, always forgot to review them when I'm out of post lol, damn. In this DVD, its pretty much like trailer of every bboys in the crew and routines during their Battle of R16 last year (which was a huge international bboy event with massive cash prize). Well, you would actually realise that Rivers are not only Born and Physicx but the other bboys in the crew also super dope. In the middle of each bboy's trailer, there will be shout out from bboys like Kmel, Ness, Luigi just to name a few.

Well, I'm a little disappointed with this DVD was that I thought they will include the Rivers crew 10 year anniversary jam at Doota and some 'behind the scene' video. I wanna see some footage that could not be found in youtube so much, i want the extras! just I'm expecting too much lol

overall was a pretty good DVD, worth the keeping it.

if ya interested you can get it here


DVD trailer

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