Monday, April 21, 2008

PikaPika x So-net Project - Light Writing Behind the Scene

PikaPika, they influenced a lot of people in light writing like the Lichtfaktor crew and they actually made me start to light writng.

Compare between Lichtfaktor and PikaPika, you could see that Lichtfaktor's every single pictures are more clean and beautiful, but complexity wise, PikaPika is really much complicated, very high framerate (more pictures) of the stop motions, a lot of light figures. They had 77 participants altogether while Lichfaktor is only 2.

I didnt wanna compare them like they are competitors or something but I wanna tell that both had very different styles I you watch carefully, don't just think that 'Oh, they are just doing light writing', you gotta love both.

goto pikapika's site if you wanna watch more of their videos.

this is the recent video of PikaPika x So-net Project behind the scene

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