Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It's been a while I post something about myself. First reason is no one gonna be interested in reading my stuff (from statistics most of you came to my blog were Americans and I know I dont have American friends.. but very nice to meet you, thanks for visiting and please come back again soon)
Well, theres nothing much I could post about my life as I did same thing almost everyday. sleep,wasting time, msn chating, receive sneaker, youtube, practise dj, bboying, cook... and yea. So should I say my life is interesting or boring? I never make new friends as I always closed myself the room, I think already forgot how to social or even talk.. man, Im a nerd! O.O


Korean Comic is back! i know this post is not entertaining, probably would have korean comics everytime i post craps about myself. This is a good one, enjoy

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khy boogie said...

hey i'm an aussie and i'm in england, so not all your visitors are amerikkans! =)