Thursday, January 14, 2010

A message to Spammer

Im just wondering did anyone actually click on the link of spammers or they actually bought something from them... successfully? Well, I didnt really hate spammers that much because I got a hotmail account that exclusively for you all spammers, so far i got around 10k unread yet but please send more to my hotmail because im trying to reach 1 million or more someday.
So this is my spammers exclusive email address:
feel free to spam at my hotmail... please.

But please dont spam at this blog, it takes time for me to remove, if I remove it, youll spammers' effort are gone, and not able to reach anyone. So dont spam at my comments which actually made me think
"oh! my blog is getting famous! I got heaps of follower!...... no... just spammers"

So yeh, go on and spam on that email, when it reach one million all the credits will goto youll spammers. thanks for dropping by as well.

oh wait, theres Japanese spammers as well.


Will Emily Marry Him?

Currently was really busy in Japan, going for trips, filming and photography stuff. Finally got some little time to stay at house watching videos, photos and hopefully get inspired from those available video on internet. As you its really difficult to get a chance to travel because you gotta work your ass off to save money and stuff.

Well, came through this video on Vimeo's staff pick, actually I didnt want to post another video so that if anyone of you who read this blog wont think that im a lazy blogger(in fact i am), but this video is the most massive light writing I ever seen so far, and.. its a proposal video, how sweet was that. Must have put a lot of effort on it, but once in a life time definitely worth it I guess. I assume they already got married so wish them happy (lame, because i dont know what wishing stuff I should say to a married couple in English)

anyway, heres the video

Light Writing Proposal from Derick Childress on Vimeo.