Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rest in Peace the True Legend Frosty Freeze

I just woke up not long ago, I went to myspace and saw Maurizio's name "R.I.P Frosty Freeze", I was like WTF??!! I just donated Frosty Freeze fund last week hoping that he will getting better but man... I never met him in my life all, how i wish i could. sad.
R.I.P Forsty Freeze

Ken Swift's post on bboyworld.

As some of you may know, ...Frosty passed away this morning. Im trusting that he will be ascending to the heavens and taken away from the pain that he was going through. Being from the Upper West Side of Manhattan Frosty was an early superhero bboy friend and inspiration that I had the fortunate opportunity of hanging out with and dancing with for most of my life. In 1979 Ty Fly from The Young City Boys told me about Frosty and soon after meeting him saw and felt the energy of his presence every time he came around. Running down the block full speed, a couple of back flips, round off somersault, ...then, bouncin side to side walkin on his toes with that big smile and big afro. Frosty was the ultimate crowd pleasing B.Boy, his magnetism and ability to make people smile was incredible. Dancing with Frosty side by side as a crew member was a complete honor and these are the ways that I will remember him and never forget. Im so thankful that we found where Frost was at a couple of months ago and thankful that he gave me his blessing to give him a hand. The response by everyone has been inspiring and words cannot describe the Love and Support through the emails that have came in for Frosty. I started the "Frosty Freeze Ta Pleeze" paypal account with Frostys permission and want to thank all of the people who found a way to give Frost a hand with his situation. The fundraisers that were thrown in a few different cities, also the fundraising in Europe was helpful, we cant Thank you guys enough. I am in England and deeply saddened that I wasnt by his side, but last night around 1am was able to talk to him through my Boy Nels phone and am greatful for letting him know we were there for him and Love him. Thank you Nel for the last few weeks holding things down and for staying overnight, youre my boy for life. Peace to the people who expressed love and concern for Frosty. The benefit I put together at the center by Frostys block April 11th will still go on, lets get together and celebrate Frostys life and legacy and his contributions in Hip Hop Culture. Rest in Peace Frost, ...theres comfort knowing that you will be an Angel by our sides forever, .............Kenny


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