Friday, April 18, 2008

My 51st Post! Young and Dangerous - Edmond

It's been almost 2 month already and this is my 51st post, not going to celebrate like my crap 11th post, I know its too boring. This time I gonna show you my boy Edmond aka bboy Sketch's work. No one could know him better than me, besides his girlfriend, parents, bro and sis, friends, classmates, relatives.. yes, i talk crap again.

Well, this fella won uncountable National and local art competitions, his trophies are way more than my sneakers collection. He did a lot of tees design, mag covers, murals, backdrops, graffiti and stuff by volunteer(a better word to replace 'free').

I guess what I can do just show you this young national champ's work now. oh yea, I forgot to mention hes a dope bboy too.

A mural showing appreciation to his Argentina school and friends.

defying gravity ticket
Defying Gravity Jam ticket - fact: everyone was FORCED to buy this $10 instead of the $5 one because of the design. We saved a lot as only consist of 2 colour on white paper. Fresh, Dope and Economic!

Defying Gravity Flyer - 1500 people attended this jam, the most people attended hip hop jam in Malaysia which was hosted in small little town.

qi wu rgb red jpeg
sample 5 jpeg
trueno bannerjpg

Tell everyone one secret, Edmond went to write graffiti with me for a few times, he got very great piece of graffiti, but hes a coward. LOL

Ok, Big companies gotta watch out for this kid, hes going to do his design studies soon, after that he gonna be mad!

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