Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WooHoooo! I won that Puma Suede Mid 1

5..4..3..2..1.. YAY! I won the Puma Suede Mid 1, its so rare to see any Suede mid 1 on ebay, i have been looking for that shoes for 1 year, finally got one, so Happy and so High. Im not going to say how much i pay for that shoes, but i can say its very expensive because it was counted by Great Britain Pounds. Got a hole in my wallet right now.
If you are not a sneaker collector won't understand my feelings, and think im insane lol. btw this is the shoes. If you got one and wanna sell it you can offer to me, i dont mind having second hand one as i know its damn rare to look for new one already.

Cant wait to receive the shoes

Oh fck. I had a test tomorrow, I've forgot about that as i concentrate too much on bidding.

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