Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Back to Posting to Keep Myself Sane

Haven't post much stuff on here for ages. Looking back on this blog kinda remind back when I was Uni. Well.. now, already 2nd year after graduation and this could be the most awkward moment a graduate can face in their life, not sure which job to get but after you got a job you won't be sure if that is right for you and all that stuff.

 Been reading heaps of books (2011 I've actually read more books than my college years. As for this year, fortunately for me I know where I want heading now and chose entrepreneurship. I'm sure will face a lot of challenges with business venture but the most challenging thing is my own mind. However, that is what I'm passionate with and actually having quite a lot of fun with it (lucky me).

Well, enough about that. So, I'm back to posting, probably this could be the place to keep me "sane", to chill and to remind who I was in the beginning. Things I'm going to post might be as random as before, however, definitely better quality and all that. I guess thats enough for now, let's see what's going to happen. Peace!

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