Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first short film, "Karma - This is a Loop"

This is my first short film ever. I want to create a story that able to loop endlessly and my personal life experience which gave me the inspiration of this storyline.

What goes around comes back around, no matter what you did is good or bad, everything will come back after a cycle. In this video, the loop can be endless but I cut it to be repeated only half of the loop which I think is sufficient enough for viewers to understand whats going on and what I'm trying to show.

Also, for this project I wanted to try 3d software and also use after effects on real life footages because I'm really crap on this 2 softwares :)

As for karma, this is just my own personal believe and do not meant start any religious views clash thingy.


張宣善 aka Kama Palden said...

hey Anar, any new post?

Anarki said...

hey whats up, sorry i aint got the time to blog. But soon enough hopefully. :)