Sunday, May 9, 2010

What kind of sound can shoes make? Nike + Hifana

Hifana!! They used to be my most frequently searched musicians on youtube. They got me to buy drumpads but I didnt use the drumpad much except for sound effects during DJing, just too busy and too much stuff I wanna learn.

Anyway, back to this video. Just saw this on my facebook and I was like "aren't them Hifana?".They collaborated with Nike and make music from the shoes. Engineers (I dont think they from Nike) developed some kind of thing that make sounds when the shoes are bent, connect it to Abelton Live (look at the making), pass it to Hifana and wait for miracles to happen!
Hmm.. I just love fresh creative stuff, just watch both videos below :)

***I think this video was only filmed by DSLR, DSLR rules***

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