Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Relax, watch and listen

I've been wanting to try this in Japan but I failed few times because the owner of Japanese sushi bars just wont allow me to do so. I was inspired by Dennis Wheatley's video in vimeo, which he basicly did the same thing. I found the exact same Sushi bar in Tokyo, but I was rejected by the staff... probably I shouldn't have ask them. Well, I actually gave up to make this video but I passed by a sushi bar in Malaysia and I was thinking why don't I just give it a try?

The result.. lack of some feeling, the Japanese feeling, but I'm still happy with it because I still able make a video on sushi train. :)

As suggested, when you watch this video, try to relax, and then watch and listen.


張宣善 aka Kama Palden said...

Damn nice one man!

張宣善 aka Kama Palden said...

Dun ignore malaysia feel la, is still nice d! as a malaysian i feeling relax in the sushi king, and i breathe with your music.

Anarki said...

malaysia is fine, just could be better. its like eat nasi lemak in chinese restaurant, not the nasi lemak is bad, just the feeling is not there, you should get what i mean lol. Glad that you like the video, many thanks