Monday, February 22, 2010

Finding my purpose

Flying, flying and flying.. Well, some people get sick of it but i started to enjoy it, a lot. I Have been flying for the past few months and now, finally, settle down again, well, not completely, because still got lots of stuff to unpack, Thats the part I don't enjoy the most for travelling, pack and unpack.

Well, now I have some time to Blog, I don't really enjoy blogging you see, I got too many stuff I want to learn, to practise, to see, to experience, whatever it is. I'm just lazy to post something, but why am I still blogging, I dont know lol. To show or market my work? I'm neither professional photographer, videographer, dancer or dj.. still a student, and yep..

I'm final year student, thats why I'm lost, don't know what path I'm going to choose for my future. Just like this blog, this blog don't have much direction as you can see, I like to put lots of crap into this blog (as long as I found interesting). Recall back to two years ago, I dont really know why I started this blog. I think I just think it was 'cool' to have a blog, just like my other hobbies, I did it because I think its cool, and after I get more into them, it's more than just being 'cool'.

So.. I dont know, I still dont know why I blog, I'll keep blogging if possible, show off some work and posting up some craps lol.

Anyway, heres some of the photos i took during my adventure in Japan. There would be more videos coming.


張宣善 aka Kama Palden said...

Btw, i like your blog because of those nice photos and video that came from many field and dunno where u got it. But something that similar to me is last time i am oso a guy doing many different things, but nothing is professional. Now i just trying to choose a path really i want but sometimes really need to pass it to the flow and 'just do it, dont think too much'.

Gambateh! just wanna said i will keep wait for your next post.
(eng is bad sorry)

Anarki said...

yeh, just doing my best for whatever I can. Really appreciate that you visit and comment on my blog often. Been really lazy to post, hope I will post more often once my life back on track again. Really thanks for your frequent visit and hope you can read this.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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