Monday, April 19, 2010

My first time on Lighting Writing Animation!

I'm always a fan of light writing, I used to post a lot of Lichtfaktor and Pika Pikas' work on my blog. Last night, I tried lighting writing ANIMATION, gosh, it takes tremendous effort for a 6 seconds footage. I did 'FAKE' lighting writing before using After effects which takes a lot of time as well, but the difference is you seating on your comfortable chair while the "photography stop motion light writing animation (which I call the real light writing)" I have to move the equipments, spending time in the cold, animate everything frame by frame. Anyway, I'm not complaining and the outcome is really satisfying!

Actually I did this for my Uni elective units project called "Text".I wanted to use AE and make a similar one to what I did before, but think of it, this is a good chance to get my lazy arse outside the comfort zone and try something new. Not sure how the whole video would look like but I'm sure it's gonna be great!(at least for me).I would update more on how and what did it used for this project soon.

Also, Thanks Myoung for helping me out or else I would have to spend 6 hours for a 6 seconds footage :)

This is my "FAKE" light writing video.

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