Thursday, April 15, 2010

BBoys in Fukuoka, Japan

One month in Fukuoka I've been training with these guys almost everyday. I reached Fukuoka with a really really bad Japanese, but.. we speak bboying. The bboys there were just so friendly compare to other bboys in most Asian countries and they tried to talk to me and all that. Patrick, a German trickster that I met at the language school was amazed how friendly Bboys culture is. BBoying is the best icebreaker is pretty much true, we do get aggressive on the floor but most of us are cool other time.

I filmed this video on the last day before I left Fukuoka, well, not all of them let me film, Japanese people are just shy. Anyhow I was still able to capture some pretty good shots of the bboys. Big respect to Hakata Bboys, and Taichan Roc (Japan old school, 36 still rockin fresh)

and oh, i learnt this japanese greetings "O Tsu Ka Re Sa Ma De su", have to say this everytime I leave. Hard to translate this to English lol

**For the bboys who looking for a training spot in Fukuoka, goto Hakata Station's underground shops from 9pm.

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Anonymous said...

Pictures and videos look dope. What kind of lens were you using?