Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snowboarding, new passion?!

Been living in a country that having a temperature around 32 degree for the whole year, what can be happier for me to enjoy the snow and freezing my ass off? My Japanese bother Masa is a really dope snowboarder, but I haven't seen him showing much skills because he have to wait for me because I'm slow and that was my very first time to do snowboarding. Guess what, after one hour lesson from Masa, I were able to reach the bottom of the hill without landing on my ass which made me really proud and I was like "Im hell talented!".

Anyway, before we went for snowboarding, I was thinking what sort of video I can get from snowboarding? So, I came thru a video by Provo brothers video on Vimeo, got inspired and copy that idea and flip it.. a bit. You can call me a biter(bboy term) if you want, well, just having fun, dont have to be so serious! :)
Enjoy the video!

and.. some words for Masa, thanks a lot bro!!! Love ya!!


張宣善 aka Kama Palden said...

like the music damn much, the video + music cums out wit nice fun cold feeling~

Anarki said...

hey, you are back to my blog! Thanks for the comment and thanks for the visit again :)

張宣善 aka Kama Palden said...

ha, dun worry Anar, your blog is in my bookmarks, cus i simply like those funky videos and sharings so much, that it is less to found it in malaysiaa.