Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Next Level is the Nanotech?

Well, today I was headache of choosing phones and stuff, so do i have to buy a new phone or not? pass, thats not what i wanna post. After some discussion with Eileen, we talked about thin phones a bit, and i show her the Nokia Morph video. Ok, shes not impressed(dunno why). But i think this is sooo cool, not the phone, but the Nanotech!

Nanotechnology is the next level that the molecule is sooo small(count by nanometers) that can be control. 1 nano metre = 1/1,000,000,000 metres... can u imagine how small it is? but i wont act like i know this shiet so well. But most important this thing can clean CANCER, so i can eat fried foods everyday or bbq everyday without worry getting any cancer lol.

This is the Nokia Morph videos if you havent watch it. The artwork is still pretty nice even if you dont give a shit to the nano thing.

Hmm.. by the way do i still need to get a new phone like iphone or what. Now i think maybe getting a nokia 1110 already (old school XD)

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