Friday, March 28, 2008

Bboy J-Hao Promo Trailer (Cypherz Kingz, Floor Tactics)

This is a trailer i made yesterday night. Took me around straight 6 hours to do it, got headache after that. Did you ever experienced that once you have the 'feeling' or inspiration then you will keep doing it because you worry the 'feeling' will be gone? but I really enjoy to edit videos, take it as practise ay, maybe i can goto get a job of making movie trailers or commercial when no law firm wanna accept me? LOL
By the way, I would post my other works here someday. Hope ya enjoy!

This is to Jhao, did u ever watch a movie trailer that is really long? Because its SHORT enough so that can be call as trailer or teaser XD . Straight few hours headwork work for that short video, no joke. but im glad u like it ;)

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