Thursday, March 27, 2008

Forever Fresh~ not my chance

As usual, i love to look around ebay and hoping someone would sell some rare or cheap stuff. Today i found this very limited version of Puma MTV yo raps Clyde, what?! theres only 225 pairs around the whole world, its Forever Fresh! but damn, its not my size and
pfffft.. its so expensive, its current bid is $225, i think this can be bid up to more than $600 ( i could get a new good phone already..).

"Stay calm dood, stay calm, don't be so high" i was talking to myself... man, add little money i could buy myself an iphone, or i could buy 300 packs Smith's Chips or 50 boxes of Coke to eat and drink for few years. I guess just no faith with her LOL. Bye Bye 'Forever Fresh' Clyde... T.T

Well, my feelings is just like theres a girl u wanna be with her but u know already its impossible to be with her. ;)

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