Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Woohoo! This guy is my idol! The 3 times World DMC Champion, period! No one can ever do that. Last year he came to Australia as well, but he didnt come to Hobart but Melbourne, I almost fly over there just to watch him, but freakin assignments.. -.-'
Well, he came to Hobart this time, I only can say WOW. That night was sooo Massive! Everyone squeeze like a sardin LOL. but just sad that he did not do a lot cutting and scratching, but the mixes still hella tight. My shoes were stepped so many times and was pushed by everyone until I really never stand still more than 5 seconds.

You would wonder how great he was, just watch this (not footage from that night)

cant you see how happy I am!
Signature of Craze on my cap. honestly, i think is an quite ugly signature, but who cares? He got real tight skillz!

Also from this, I finally understand the feeling of meeting idol because previously i talk shit about those people crazy about idol stuff. XD

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