Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've been thinking of this for 3 years...

OK, Hi I'm Anarki here, a student, dj, bboy bla bla bla..

I've been thinking to have my own blog since 3 years ago, and now, i have created one. I say i created one doesn't mean this thing will continue I guess? Haha, but anyway. This is My Blog, my very own Blog! Yaay! lets celebrate! Argh~ crap jokes aside.

I had one blog before, its not my very own blog but i can consider as Im 'incharge' of that, and thats my crew's blog
the last update of this site already been ages.. yes, I mean ages lol. Really Don't know how long would this last, hopefully longer than what I expected (more than 10 post?)

By the way, I myself not sure what I going to post in this blog as well. probably craps? maybe stuff that i like. Im not into those feeling expressing thing because im not really good in expressing my feeling! crap!

ok, i talk too much crap and craps. Will see how far this blog goes lol.

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