Tuesday, March 25, 2008

$30 phone plans with unlimited web access? $0 upfront? Just too good to be true

I got a Nokia N73, but man.. it just 1 and half year the phone its like a old man thats already retired. I cant even accept sms, it took ages to switch on the phone and everything just crash.

Yesterday I just found this Hiptop slide for $30 a month, thats cheap! comes with unlimited EDGE usage and free sms/ mms, WOW! but it a crap phone with lousy camera and stuff, but I dont really need a good phone with good camera and stuff because i already have few cameras and an ipod.

What attracted me the unlimited EDGE usage, i can use online all day without worry my internet quota finish someday! (probably would make me fail my studies)
Theres no way theres such a good offer, unlimited sms/internet and phone for $30 a month?? Later i found out i need to pay extra $27.04 a month for the phone.. man, thats cheating! the words are so small! but $57.04 still ok... i still need to think.. for the unlimited EDGE...


Korean comic (this is not really funny to me, ill try to hook up some better one)

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