Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Video!! (happy bday to Michelle, Phin & Psycle)

This is my recent work that dedicated to my friends and all the birthday boygirls. I took 3 days straight to do it, could be my hardest video i did so far. Well, i think its very worth it for all the hardworks.

It's March 25th today, Happy Birthday to Michelle, Happy Birthday to Phin tomorrow and Happy Birthday to my boy Psycle at 30th. Wish Y'all Healthy and Happy!

good old photos that bring back good old memories

Psycle, keep rockin it fresh!


Sacci said...

your film about light painting, how is this stuff animated? Does anyone know the answer to this please?
i just really want to know what he's using for his tools!

Anarki said...

Yupp, its animated by After Effects. i use the psp light just to lead the direction of the animated light streak.

thanks for your comment

Sacci said...

how do you work with the after effects? can you explain that? it's a great video!!!!!!!!!!!

Sacci said...

beacaus i want to make ä lightwriting video too! i have dä programm after effects but i haven't got ä idea how to do that with the after effects!! thank's!
i wish you a nice day!!!

Anarki said...

sorry for the late reply. would help