Friday, May 30, 2008

About My Light Graffiti, theres a faster way of doing it

theres a few people had asked me about how i did the light graffiti i did for birthday wish to my friends. my reply was

"the light graffiti i did was using abode after effects, which u have to animate the light by yourself actually. theres one tutorial on youtube on how to light writing in motion, its much easier method. check this out.

check out pik-pika and lichtfaktor for photography technique

enjoy light writing!

This is the one I did.

yes, theres a easier method, the one i did took me 3 days straight just to animate the light. I havent try this method myself yet but, this is really much simpler method and looks real because is real light from source instead using animated light.


Anonymous said...

This was too helpful man, cheers. Shall be using something like this with my latest design brief! Photo and video wise ;) Props! Manus

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