Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nujabes's Relection Internal Portfolio Video by Indigoflow

A really dope video made by Indigoflow as private purpose. Personally I think that video is very professional, at first I really thought that was a official music video. This is a very beautiful video and song for sure..
Damn, I still couldnt accept the truth that this video is not official, its only 'homework'. Yea, I'm mad jealous LOL. :D


It will be a shame if we can't clearly remember someone we once loved due to a long lapse of time.
I had been thinking about this fact since I first heard a song about a middle-aged gentleman missing his old love.

The space in which he plays the piano is the place of his memories.
Playing the piano is his way of reminding himself about her. Regardless of whether she is alive or not, She lives on in his mind as a person he fell in love with.
Then, the memories he shared with her came across as disordered figures.

However, he can't bring back her figure clearly, She got to remain as a part of his past.

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