Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bloging!! my personal life?!!

It's been a while since i last update this blog, i mean usually i would have at least a few post in a week? Well, when exams, plagiarism(a mistake), financial & personal problems all messed up.. it's call fucked up? but im just not those people that could talk about personal life in the blog, i mean in real life is also difficult to express myself. When i talked about my problems with other people, they would reply something thats different from what i have been talking.

Lets talk about plagiarism trouble i had.. technology nowadays allow the convenience of using the 'copy & paste', what i mean here is not I 'copy' essay and 'paste' that essay. I like copy something useful and paste it in my draft and edit it then copy and paste again on the real essay(I thought thats how you write an essay). So what happen to me was.. I did that essay until the morning(last minute work), and i copied one of the many paragraph that is actually from internet... (if you cant get what i mean, read again and analyze what i said LOL).
So i got plagiarism for that, just a few sentences.. but at the end the head of school believe i did it by mistake, and she said to me "normally you should sitting on the plane now and heading back home...".. I dont know why my studies never been smooth tho, if i wanna say why its not smooth, probably take another 1000 more paragraph to explain.

Next, lets talk about my life, life is crap when you... ah..im feeling sleepy now, ill just goto bed... zzz...

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