Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Donkey Work 2 Battle Records

Just received the battle record Donkey Work 2 few days ago and was trying out the record.. all I could say was 'Shit! This is way too Dope!'. I could say that this is the best Battle Record i ever had so far, the record got very nice beats, a lot fresh original samples, you would never run out of idea from this shit. Looking forward for the Donkey Work 3 release soon.

You could order Donkey Work 2 and pre order Donkey Work 3 from



Anonymous said...

yeah that 12 is SICK. any one kno where u can still get donkey work 1?

bigbear said...

donkey work one was dope as f@ck. The second one was an evolution, next level. I can't wait to see what Awekid and Muzzell have done on volume 3.

Anarki said...

I reckon you could get Donkey Work 1 from this ebay store, they still have some available & pretty fast delivery too