Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mdusu & Dameza - Tassie Finest

can we get a soul clap? is the sophomore album from Tasmania's premier hip hop outfit, mdusu&dameza. Recorded and mixed in their own studio, the full-length CD is set for release on May 10th 2008, on independent Hobart label Support Local Underground Talent (S.L.U.T) Productions. Comprised of 20 tracks, the album represents two years of hard work for MC/producer mdusu, and DJ Dameza.

Lyrically, can we get a soul clap? is just as versatile, with a host of subjects touched upon, from old-school braggadocio, to socio-political deconstructions, to heartfelt personal stories & drunken party tracks. what if...? (featuring Skryptcha & Tubuan) contemplates the idea of parallel existences & the choices we make, stuyvos & absolut encapsulates the feeling of the never-ending work week, just another day supports the idea of history repeating itself both globally & individually, while drunk tonight (featuring Dunn D) clears everything else out of the way to make room for a bar top full of Jager Bombs.


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