Friday, December 18, 2009

City Tour with the school in Fukuoka

Just suddenly feels like making this video during the tour with my school. was a pretty good trip and an opportunity to meet some new friends and train my Japanese, although I don't talk much. I decided to make this video after the lunch, so I missed a lot of filming chance while in another spots. The footage is very shaky, should have bring my tripod along.

Was a bit sad when I first uploaded it and I got a 1 star for this video... 1 star!! lol, thats the worse rating I ever got, yeh, I know its crap tho(shaky, not bboying, blablabla). But only worth 1 star does made me upset for a second. Well, that motivated gotta learn and practise more, never gonna give up!! lol

shot by: Nikon d90, 50mm f1.8 edited using sony vegas 9.0a

oh yeh, but the school likes it a lot tho. so.. Worth it. Also, the girl at the thumbnail display is cute! lol

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