Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another video with Asahi Nihongo - preChristmas party

Hm, my video cant be viewed in certain country.. music copyright again. I got like 10 videos in my channel that having the same issue, can't believe they can even catch me eventhough i use live music, which is pretty 'amazing'?

Anyway, is my first time to attempt timelapse, its pretty fun. Some of the classmates were trying to do some stopmotion thing and keep posing while I left the camera alone. By the way, I just never learn my lesson, the video still shaky as with handheld, probably I need to install a robot hand so I can be stable as. Also, fluorescent really sucks when shooting by D90, it just keeps wobbling.

Well, not a good video, but was great night, heres the video

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Anarki said...

thanks a lot, ill try that. those copyright things are really annoying sometimes