Friday, October 24, 2008


While I randomly viewing profiles in myspace, I found these interesting artwork of Armo's, these art works are pretty fresh to me.

Residing in California Armo’s work is a collaboration of typographic elements and exploration with graffiti structure and form. By looking at graffiti and typography by studying their visual commonalities as lettering, much can be discovered and revealed. As graffiti matures and diversifies, more and more of it's aesthetics filters into graphic design, and it has gained acceptance in popular culture at large, now comfortably accepted as a contemporary mode of communication. While graffiti has appeal due to its illegality and excitement,in contrast to typography being omnipresent in today's PC-based information society. Armo is Striving to blur the line of typography and graffiti striving to find relationships between the two forms of communication."

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