Monday, August 11, 2008

my puma suede collection

The other day I took all my puma suedes out from the boxes.. wow, i didnt realise that i actually got that many pairs already.(its very little compare lots of nike af1 freaks out there). Im have stop collecting since few months ago, gone really broke right as i gotta save more for my travelling soon. What a journey that i had hunt and bid over the internet and waiting them to arrive Australia, and those Puma suede mids cost me heaps and im very proud to own them, they are my favourite of all.

heres the photos the other i showing off in, but i didnt get them laced properly tho


xiaoyouwen said...

gonna beat u some day..=P

HeroxVael said...

I fucking envy you man. Hahaha I wanted to this too x.x but so far I only have 2 pumas. Would you be willing to sell some? =]